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June 22, 2009

Vacation and Drivers Ed

I had so much fun on vacation! We went tubing, boating, and mostly just relaxed. Now I'm back home and I have mostly have been working out and playing soccer. My soccer team played in a 3v3 tournament this weekend, and that was a lot of fun and we even came in second! 

I haven't really done anything too exciting over break... I went putt-putt with so friends, went to see a movie, hung out, relaxed, etc. I am leaving for vacation in one week again though, so that is pretty exciting. 

It's so weird right now because my brother is at soccer camp, and I am not used to being the only child. The other day when we dropped him off, we got to walk around the college campus for a little while which was neat. 

Right now I am in drivers ed class. It is pretty boring! It consists of eight 3-hour classes of reading the book, listening to the instructor, and watching cheesy videos! But I guess it is making us safer drivers, so that's good. 

I hope that everyone is having an awesome summer!



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Mann putt putting is really fun, it's not really golf, but it does help you on your putt.

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