Making It Count

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Have you seen my shades?

Towelandglasses Towels ready.

Snacks packed.

Can you say spring break?

Fun in the sun–and I’m ready for it. Beach1

My idea of a good spring break is a beach umbrella, a book that has nothing to do with a school, some good music, and friends visiting at a leisurely pace. Beachumbrella

I’m lucky to live where getting to the beach is easy–palm trees and decks abound. Deckandpalms

See you on the far side of much needed Rest and Relaxation!


PS–I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but . . . remember to bring the gray matter Beach3between the ears back from the beach. The school year isn’t finished and neither are you. AP exams, finals - there is much to be done. There is a cloud that can descend on you: rescinded admissions. Check out those acceptance letters – they are ALL conditional, contingent upon the successful completion of your senior year. Remember, play when it is time to play and work when it is time to work. Right now - back to PLAY!



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