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December 01, 2011

Final Stretch

So, this week is my “hell week.” No, I’m not just being melodramatic; “hell week” is a theatre term used to describe the nonstop workweek before a play goes up. And I have two plays going up next week. So maybe I’m in “double hell week”? Regardless of what I or anyone else calls it, this week has been nonstop schoolwork and play rehearsals. It’s a little exhausting and a lot nerve-wracking, but the further I get into the week, the more confident I feel that everything is going to be okay. I’m ahead of schedule on my essays, I’m making good progress on studying for an economics test, and today I put the last few pieces of the play I’m producing into place.

I know the rest of the week isn’t going to be a cakewalk; after all, if I want to keep ahead on my papers, I have to keep my nose to the grindstone and I need to polish my lines and blocking for the play I’m acting in next week. I think that in addition to the assurance that it will all be over in a week, what has really helped me get through all the work is the knowledge that others are just as overwhelmed as I am.

In fact, there has actually seemed to be a good deal of bonding not just on my front, but all over campus, as lecturers push hard through the final stretch of the semester, as my fellow theatre kids are shocked by the amount of plays being shoved into the end of the semester, and as the writers try to cram in a few last articles before the final editions of the semester go up. This is one thing that I really enjoy about University, if you’re working hard and struggling a little, it’s guaranteed that someone else is feeling just a little too overworked as well. So there’s no reason to suffer in silence. Even if it just means commiserating about essay deadlines or test dates to the person next to you or if you get together for a study session to work your way through the insanity collectively, you’re part of a community. Take advantage of it; there is strength in numbers.




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