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February 06, 2012

Inter-semester Travels

Whew! Well, after weeks of studying and three two-hour exams, I’m free! Exams weren’t as difficult as I was dreading; I think I did pretty well. I was really intimidated at first because I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I went into a University exam, but I feel a lot better about them now. I’m still a bit nervous about the results, but they should be posted any day now so my anxiety will be relieved.

At my University there is a two-week break between exams and second semester. It’s a kind of weird system that they’re changing next year to coincide better with other US and UK schools but I’m not complaining this year; a vacation is always welcome. I don’t have enough time to go home again, plus two sets of transatlantic flights and jetlag so close together would be tough, so I’m traveling around Europe for a little over half of the break. I really enjoy traveling so I’m really glad to be taking this trip. I’ve spent a few days in Edinburgh, which I have only ever flown into. It was lovely. Tomorrow morning, much earlier in the morning than I would like, I take off for one of my favorite places in the entire world: Paris.

I’m an art fanatic so I couldn’t be more excited to be back in the home of the Louvre and D’Orsay; the abundance of crepes doesn’t hurt either. But I’ve somehow managed to find a way to bring work along with me. I agreed to write a few articles for newspapers back at the University, mostly ones reviewing art exhibits, during vacation. Usually I wouldn’t let anything in the world interfere with my precious vacation time but I’m going to see the art anyways so I am more than glad to contribute.

Have a happy second semester!



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Great read, would love to see the Louvre again! Have fun visiting the art, take lots of pics and share your photos when you're done Flora! Don't be nervous about your exam results =) you'll be fine!

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